Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fabric Flower Clock and Matching Decor

I made this for my Daughter's room. I love how it turned out! The best part is it only cost me $3 to make.

Materials Needed:10 inch Quartz clock from Family Dollar store- $3
Fabric (I used three colors. The solid color I made from an old shirt.)Sewing machine, needle and thread
Hot Glue Gun
Mod Podge
Something Circular to trace around. I used the top of a paper trash can from the Dollar Tree.

Trace a circle and then cut it in half.

Fold in half with wrong side out and press with an iron.

Sew the top of the triangle leaving the bottom open.

Turn inside out so the correct side is showing.

Now put a straight stitch through the bottom, pull and tie off.

Hot glue each pedal to the back of the clock to match a number.

Cut strips of fabric and mod podge to the clock. There is probably an easier or neater way to do this but I'm a newbie so...

That's it. Enjoy!

Here is a matching table that I made with fabric Mod Podged to the top and a matching pillow.

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