Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am Cre8ting: Introductions

A little about me: My name is Denise and I'm Mother to three wonderful kids, ages 7, 11, and 14. I also have a fantastic man in my life who supports everything I do. I'm a stay at home mom also, so living on a single income has brought out my creative DIY side. Decorating my home for the least amount of money has become a big goal in my life and recently I have discovered (via blogland) that you can create a beautiful home on a limited income.

About my home: My other half bought this house before we became a couple. I was living in a small mobile home with my children when we decided to move in together, so it wasn't an option when deciding who would move in with who. I love this place but it needs a lot of work.

We have lived here together for the last seven years and in those years I have learned that the original house that was on this property burned in the 80's and I believe afterward the owners built this house in a hurry and on a very limited income. If your reading this and follow along as I repair and decorate you will see what I mean.

Like a lot of families, everything we have is hand me down. It drives me nuts sometimes that I can't go out and buy a brand new living room or bed room set but that is the whole goal of this blog. To give new life to the things we have and hopefully to inspire other people to do the same. I know I have been inspired by all the great bloggers out there and I hope I can do the same for someone else.

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