Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deciding on my first project

So, I've been sitting here all day trying to decide what to do for my first project.I have been inspired by so many different ideas out there in blogland that I had a very hard time deciding.

While browsing some of my favorite sites today I noticed that the CSI Project's next challenge is The Road Kill Rescue. Now, since almost everything in my house is a free hand me down, I thought why not? So......what will I do?A couple of years ago, Jeremy's Grandfather gave us a chair with a matching ottoman. The chair was 20 plus years old and in decent shape but as a lot of you know used furniture that old doesn't last long when you have kids. As much as I hate to throw furniture away, the chair is not repairable but the ottoman is in good shape and I decided to keep it.

I know! It's a weird shape and an ugly color but before I tell you what I decided to do with the ottoman, let me introduce you to a member of our family.
This is Oreo

Oreo is a descendant of a dog my mother had 15 years ago. She loves to sleep in the bed with me but I can't stand it. She drives me crazy because when she sleeps she's dead weight. What I mean by that is usually an animal will move when you move. If you roll over and are about to land on an animal they will scoot over. Not Oreo. Sometime I will wake up with the dog completely under me or she will be squished up against my back with all four of her legs sticking straight up in the air. I will push her over so I can move and however she lands is the way she stays. Oh....and I believe she thinks she's a cat.

Exhibit A
This is Oreo sitting on the Cat's carpet tower

Back to the ottoman. I'm making Oreo her very own bed. This will be perfect for her because she liked taking her daily naps on it anyway and hopefully she will love it so much that she will not want to sleep with me anymore. (crosses fingers)

So, there it is. My first project. The ottoman needs a little repair and some major cleaning but I definitely have some really good ideas on how I will proceed with this project. Stay tuned..............

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