Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sharing My Thoughts and Inspiration

I'm so embarrassed to show anything in my house because everything is so run down. So, I'm going to kind of layout what I'm planning to do. If everything works after I finish I will show a before and after of the house though.

Living/Dining room:

We have an open house plan. Which I sort of hate because any colors I pick will have to flow from one room to the next. The Living room and Dining area is one big room so when I paint they will have to be the same color. Blah...but hopefully what I have in mind will work.
I found this picture on another site. This is exactly the colors I'm want for these rooms.

Sorry for the small picture. That's all I could get. The picture and design is by The Little Greene Paint Company. I have obsessed over this picture for two weeks. I Looooooove the colors! So that's my inspiration colors for the Living/Dining room. Yay!


I really don't like themed Kitchens (for me anyways) but I'm using a few Norman Rockwell things that I've either made or stuff that has been given to me. Lot's of colors will be used like blue, yellow, white, pink etc...

Well that's it so far. I can't wait to get started with everything.

Today I'm working on two little tables I bought from Goodwill. Hopefully I will get done today and post pics tomorrow.

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